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The day-to-day details

Teaching in Swedish

All teaching at our Pre school is conducted in Swedish, apart from our English sessions.

This enables the children to build and maintain their Swedish skills while living in England.

We find that children adapt quickly to their bilingual environment, strengthening both Swedish and English language skills.

Pre school teachers

Our Pre school teachers are Swedish nationals who are highly trained in early education and are certified by relevant Swedish institutions.

Swedish curriculum

We are supervised by the Swedish National Education Authority and carry out the education goals laid out in Sweden’s official curriculum.

A safe environment

Our security protocols, from the fencing around our site to strict visitor policies, ensure a safe environment.

Learning environment

Pre school activities are often conducted in smaller groups. This makes it easier to dedicate more quality teaching time to each child and keep them engaged.

Teachers have specific goals for what should be included in each session, and then use the children’s influence and ideas to plan projects and daily activities.

Group sizes

Our Pre school group ranges from 22-26 children, with 3-4 teachers. The children are often divided based on the activities they undertake throughout the day, with smaller groups allowing for more individualised attention and teaching.

Field trips

We like to keep the children engaged with an exciting and varied slate of activities, which typically includes outings to parks and playgrounds. Our excursions generally stay within walking distance of the school, and on occasions we arrange excursions further afield.

Parent involvement

Parents are encouraged to participate in creating a meaningful and joyful school experience for pupils at all levels. Joining our parents’ association, called Friends of the Swedish School, opens up multiple opportunities to get involved. In addition, we have a small Parents’ Council that meets with our headmistress every 5-6 weeks.

What to bring

We ask that the children are prepared for all kinds of weather. Children use slippers or indoor shoes when not outside.

There is no need to bring a lunch box. We serve lunch every day in our school cafeteria. We also provide the children with a healthy snack every afternoon.