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The home of Swedish education in Britain

About us

We are a private, not-for-profit school, registered as a charity in England and Wales, providing first-rate Swedish education from pre-school through to sixth form.

While we follow a Swedish curriculum, we also use London as a second classroom to add an international dimension to our teaching. Our small class sizes, dedicated teachers and friendly community atmosphere all combine to help pupils and students realise their full academic and personal potential. 

Our history

The Swedish School opened in 1907, with our first classrooms located in Harcourt Street in central London. In 1976, our lower school moved to its present location in Barnes, on the south bank of the Thames in West London.

In the 100+ years, we have been in operation, our school has been about more than the education we provide. As the only Swedish school in all of Great Britain, it has served as a community focus for Swedish families living in London, and a way to live abroad while maintaining close contact with home.

We recognise public festivals and events in the U.K and coupled with the monthly activities of our parents’ association these help to keep our community spirit alive today.

School management

The Swedish School in London’s legacy of excellence and achievement is just a part of the picture of who we are and what we aspire to. Together with our staff, we aim to develop each student’s self-reliance, determination, responsibility, compassion and boldness, as well as respect for others. We seek to ensure that every pupil and student who passes through our school is empowered and supported in becoming ambitious, confident, articulate and socially adept, enabling them to participate fully in our friendly, stimulating community. As management we strive to create a school for the future.

Our outstanding ranking

As we are registered as an English school, we are supervised and inspected by The Office for Standards in Education in the UK (OFSTED). We received an excellent report from our last inspection in 2016, which may be downloaded and read below.

“A rich and stimulating Swedish and English curriculum ensures that pupils excel in all areas of learning, including their personal, social and health development. An outstanding range of extra-curricular activities further enriches pupils’ experiences.”

Link to the reports from Ofsted’s inspections of the Swedish School in London; 2016, 2010 and 2007

Board of Governors

Johan Liljefors

Chairman of the Board

Peter Burman


Thomas Paulsson


Marika Amartey

Board member

Andy Beaver

Board member

Caroline Bar

Board member

Charlotte Henderson

Board member

Cecilia Körner

Board member

Eric Muhl

Representative for the Swedish National Agency for Education


The ethos of the Swedish School in London:

  • The most prominent representative of Swedish education abroad
  • A place where each student’s identity and self-perception are strengthened
  • A school where each student’s learning is based on their individual abilities, thus enabling them to fully realise their academic and creative potential
  • A learning environment that offers dedicated and skilled teaching
  • An international environment
  • A safe workplace for adults and children, where the atmosphere is characterised by creativity, flexibility, willingness to change, respect and tolerance
  • A good and sound academic preparation for further studies in Sweden or other countries


The Swedish School in London (SSL) provides high quality and high tempo education that challenges and motivates students to take an active role in their own learning. By fostering an atmosphere of respect, clarity and dedication, we prepare students to become good citizens of the community and understand the world in which we live.

At SSL, every individual has the right to enjoy a safe and healthy environment, where teachers can teach and students can learn.

SSL has high ambitions for each student. We work to build sound and strong learning foundations so that they can excel in their future education. We believe that each child and student has the capacity to further develop intellectually, personally and morally.