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Here is where you can find the most frequently asked questions

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For Host Family

  • Why should I house a Swedish exchange student?


    Housing a Swedish exchange student offers a variety of benefits. Firstly, it gives you an insight in Swedish culture. Also, it could be a positive experience to have a young adult in your home that can interact with you and your family members. Other than this, you’re also reimbursed by the school on a monthly basis.

  • Do I have a say in which student you place with a host family?


    When you apply to become a host family with us, we’ll ask you to fill in forms where you describe for example your family, interests and the accommodation you can provide. Upon applying to the Swedish school in London all students are asked similar questions about them as people, their interests and what’s important to them. Based on this, our experienced Host Family Coordinator then tries to make the best match between students and host families. In case there are any questions we’ll always contact you for further information.

  • What demands do the school have on a host family?


    The student should be treated as a member of the family and the host family should provide a safe, caring, supportive and suitable home environment.

    In order to become a host family with the Swedish School in London you have to be able to provide a separate room per student (maximum of two students per household), access to a bathroom, offer breakfast and dinner Monday through Sunday. Your home also has to be free from any health and safety hazards.

  • I’m interested in being a host family. What do I do next?


    If you’re interested in becoming a host family with the Swedish School in London, send an email to