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Learning through play

A Swedish pre school in London

Our pre-school is an open, inviting and joyful place for children to learn and develop. We follow Sweden’s national curriculum, with an head start on the English language.

Through a blend of fun and dynamic lessons, independent play and exciting field trips, we seek to lay the foundations for a life-long love of learning.

”The difference here is that it’s personal. You do that extra thing! Everyone knows everyone through the whole school and the younger children feel safe with the older ones.”

Malin Sund

Daily life at our Pre-school

Projects and crafts

We devote a great deal of time to project work, where the children work with a range of different materials and use their creativity to explore the themes we focus on, such as Swedish, English, Mathematics and Science. These projects are then displayed throughout the school. 

Outdoor adventures

Sometimes nature is the best teacher. In addition to generous daily breaks in the playground, we take the children on excursions to explore parks and conservation areas in and around Barnes.


Through fun and engaging activities, children learn the building blocks of academic skills, including the alphabet and basic reading, addition and subtraction, memory skills and pattern recognition.

Sports, music and theatre

We see expressive and physical forms of education as an indispensable part of a child’s learning experience. Included in the Pre school’s programme are sports sessions, a football club, music and drama.

The values we foster

Our aim is for children to see our school as a place where they feel safe and cared for, where they are free to be themselves and are appreciated for who they are. In turn, we guide children into becoming actively considerate individuals, who treat both teachers and each other with kindness and courtesy.