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At home in Barnes

Our Primary and Secondary school is on the banks of the River Thames, surrounded by lush greenery and the picturesque village of Barnes.

Location and community

Our location in Barnes is ideal for families whose parents work in central London, but who want a calmer atmosphere for their children to grow and develop. Many Swedish families choose to relocate to Barnes and surrounding neighbourhoods, giving rise to a community that regularly meets for picnics, events and celebrations.

Nature and the City

Situated in calm and leafy West London near the river bank, our site is ideally located to make the most of the serene nature and a cosmopolitan city.

Students and their teachers can venture just outside the classroom to study trees, bugs, soil, and water. Just a few streets away lies the London Wetland Centre, which is home to numerous rare birds, otters and other wetland creatures.

At the same time, we are located a 20 minute walk away from Hammersmith Station. From there, all of London’s libraries, museums, observatories, royal buildings, and famous streets are easily accessible.