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Ready for the future

Sixth Form at the Swedish School in London

Sixth Form at the Swedish School in London offers a stimulating, fast-paced education that follows the Swedish curriculum, with the added benefit of living in an international English-speaking environment. We offer all three years of Sixth Form, with the option of graduating with us. But you can also do an exchange term or exchange year with us. Our dedicated, skilled teachers are here to both impart knowledge and help you prepare for the next step in your educational journey.

You can find dates for scheduled information meetings under the section “More information”.

Distinctive education

We are proud to offer a learning environment that is renowned for the quality of its teaching and the academic calibre of its students. At our Sixth Form, high-achieving students from across Sweden join a community of peers for an extraordinary year (or three!) that is as intellectually challenging as it is rewarding.

In the way of subject based learning, London offers near limitless resources for delving deeper into subjects such as Business Administration, Natural Sciences and Social Studies. Our location also serves the broader aims of Swedish education by providing opportunities to explore, compare and understand the fundamental democratic values of Swedish society in an international context.

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds, further enhancing our school’s global perspective.


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Business Administration Programme

Learn about business, entrepreneurship and the global economy in London, one of the world’s preeminent economic centres. In this programme, we explore how an individual's economic reality is ultimately determined by the international economic system.

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Natural Science Programme

Continue your exploration of the forces that shape our universe. SSL’s natural sciences programme provides a rigorous inquiry into physics, mathematics and biology, with laboratory experiments and field studies designed to advance scientific thinking.

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Social studies Programme

Expand your knowledge of how social structures impact lives at local and global levels. In this programme, our inquiry into history and culture is supported by study trips to history museums, NGOs and government institutions.

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Elective Courses

We offer a wide variety of elective courses to choose from, please contact us if you have any questions.

Available courses
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The Swedish School in London offers scholarships to both external applicants and enrolled exchange students. Please see below for more information.

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London as a classroom

We take advantage of our location in London as a way to expand and enrich our programmes and specific courses. Our educational visits enable students to see how the ideas they discuss in their classrooms play out in the real world, in real-time. Being in London also gives us the possibility to compare different aspects of Swedish and British society. A good example of this is our annual guided tour of the Houses of Parliament, where students have a chance to put questions to the local MP. 

Some other excursions include a guided tour of the Imperial War Museum, watching a Shakespeare production at the Globe Theatre, a visit to one of the royal castles, the Supreme Court and exhibitions at the Tate Modern. An effort is made to bring students to relevant lectures and conferences happening around town, in addition to bringing guest speakers directly into our classrooms.

Students taking elective courses such as British Cultural Studies, Sociology, Entrepreneurship, Communication and Photography have extra opportunities to experience London as part of their courses.

Leavers destinations

Our Sixth Form is widely regarded as an institution that produces top academic talent. Students with a Sixth Form Diploma from the Swedish School in London are eligible to apply to universities in Sweden, the UK and other countries. Many of our graduates go on to study and excel at leading universities.

If students wish to pursue higher education in the UK, we help them navigate through the university application process. Often, students are not required to provide language tests as part of their applications to UK universities thanks to having lived and studied in London. Similarly, our teachers, Career Advisor and staff can be of assistance when applying to universities in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe.

Examples of institutions our former students have attended are:

United Kingdom:

Cambridge University, Imperial College, University of St Andrews, Warwick Business School, London School of Economics, King’s College, Westminster University and Nottingham University


Princeton University (USA), Sorbonne University (Frankrike) and Rotterdam University (Netherlands)


Stockholm University, Stockholm School of Economics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Uppsala University, Lund University, Chalmers University of Technology, Umeå University and many other universities.