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A host family in London

Hosting a Sixth Form student

The majority of our Sixth Form students join us for an exchange year and most live with a host family. Time and time again we have found this to be a mutually enriching and enjoyable experience. Students gain a unique insight into local life and British culture, and hosts get to know a bright young mind eager to learn and to share their Swedish customs.

Please read the Statement of Hosting Principles and Practice for more information.

For further information about hosting with the Swedish School, please also see the Host Family Handbook.

If you have any questions, please email

How it works

Prospective host families are asked to send an email to for further information. Before your application can be approved, a representative from our school will arrange to meet for a tour of your home. A criminal record check will also be conducted. Following an approval, you will be matched with an incoming student.

Benefits of being a host family

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Cultural exchange

Get to know the culture, customs and curiosities of Sweden through the eyes of a young Swede.

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Hosting a student is a convenient and enjoyable way to earn an extra income from a spare room. Host families are compensated on a monthly basis.

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An exchange year is one of adventure and growth, and it’s made richer by the people you meet along the way. As a host family, you play an important role in a young person’s development and in their experience as an exchange student in London.

What’s required of a host?

One important aspect we consider when approving a host family is location. It’s important that students have a manageable commute to school. We typically do not approve host families that live more than one hour away.

In terms of living arrangements and daily provisions, all hosts must provide their student(s) with:

  • A private bedroom
  • A desk for study

  • Access to WiFi

  • Breakfast and dinner every day

  • A harmonious, healthy and safe home environment