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A vibrant year at SSL

Experience a new country and culture, all without missing a beat in the Swedish education system.

Study abroad in London

Across several categories, our Sixth Form provides the best of both worlds to Swedish students who are interested in spending a year abroad.

Experience a new country – without delaying your studies

As we are approved by Skolverket (the Swedish National Agency for Education) and follow the Swedish curriculum entirely, grades from our school are accepted at any other Swedish school. This makes our Sixth Form a fantastic option for students who would like to live abroad while keeping pace with the rest of their school friends in Sweden.

Many students choose to come to London for their second year in Sixth Form. We do however admit students to all three years, and first-year students enjoy a high-quality foundation for their subsequent studies.

Living independently – alongside a familiar community

A year abroad means immersing yourself in a different language and culture, potentially living with a British family, navigating a new city and facing all kinds of new challenges.

When studying with us at the Swedish School, students can fully gain this range of brand new experiences, secure in the knowledge that a community of peers and teachers is there for them at all times. Our students leave us feeling more mature, confident and well-equipped for the future ahead, knowing they have the ability to succeed in life, whatever their goals are.

Stay in one city – with all the world’s cultures on your doorstep

For students fascinated by global cultures, London offers a plethora of food, entertainment, performances and cultural events. Studying with us also makes it possible to meet new friends from every part of Sweden and the rest of the world. London is also within easy flying distance of Sweden. This makes it easy to travel home for breaks, as well as for family and friends to visit and enjoy this city’s endless cultural delights with you.


Challenge your intellect in an encouraging classroom

Students thrive at our school thanks to the interactive, safe and engaging study environment we offer. At the Swedish School in London you will be surrounded by equally ambitious and high-achieving students. Our engaged, competent teachers give you more than just knowledge. They have high expectations of all students and help everyone build on their strengths and develop in all areas

Students also actively engage in their own education by leading lessons and seminars and participating in the Student Council. Get ready to be challenged both academically and personally, as you develop the skills to perform at top levels in your future education and profession.

Living with a host family

Our exchange students often say that living with a host family has been a challenging yet incredibly enriching aspect of their year in London. It’s a chance for a mutual exchange of cultural insights, food and traditions. There have been several examples of friendships formed among students and the members of their host families lasting well beyond their year together.


"My host family really made me appreciate British culture and I got a real insight into family life in London"

Louise Lagerholm
Former student

School lunch

In Sixth Form, students are required to bring or buy their own lunch. A warm lunch costs approximately £5,50. Also, there are microwaves available for students to use in the main building.


The school does not provide students with laptops; you will need to bring your own device to London. All timetables, planning, assignments and other important information is posted on SchoolSoft, which is the system we use for all communication with students.

Student Oyster Zip card

Transport for London (TfL) provides students with Student Oyster Zip cards, which give you free bus rides and cheaper fares on the tube, overground and trains within London. You have to apply for your Student Oyster Zip card on the TfL website once you are in London. Expect the whole process to take about two to three weeks.

Health care

Please bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you to London. Once you have arrived in London you need to register with a local doctor (General Practitioner or GP).


Make sure that you have an insurance policy that provides the cover you need for yourself and your property. The school provides an insurance for accidents. This will not, however, cover things like loss of property, illness or medical transport. Please contact your insurance company and get their advice. Most major insurance companies in Sweden can offer specialised policies for exchange studies abroad.

Mobile phone

Since last year, it is possible to keep your Swedish mobile number for calls and internet usage without additional roaming charges whilst in the UK. However, bear in mind that it is important that you and your host family are able to get in contact with each other at all times. Calling to a Swedish mobile phone from a UK phone is charged at an international rate. Therefore, it might be worth thinking about either acquiring a British sim-card or making sure that both parties can get hold of each other through an internet based app.