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School fees and application

Who can apply to SSL?

We accept students who want to do one or several years of study at our Sixth Form. You can apply to one of our programmes (EK, NA, SA) regardless of what school you are attending today. However, in order to be admitted, you have to fulfil the basic requirements according to Swedish legislation.

You can read more about school fees, other financial information and how to apply below.

The admission process

The Swedish School in London’s application process for Sixth Form is described below. It is very important that you carefully read the instructions before starting on your application in our online application system.

Once your application is submitted and the application deadline for our main application period (4 December 2023 until 18 February 2024) has passed, your application will be assessed by SSL’s admission committee based on the following criteria:

  • Grade transcript from year 9 in the Swedish school system (or equivalent)
  • Personal cover letter
  • Recommendation from your current school, using the provided template
  • For applicants to years 2 and 3, we will also assess 1) if we can offer you the courses you need to take (or equivalent), and 2) progress in Sixth Form compared to your grades from year 9

If you submit your application after the main application period, admission is made on an ongoing basis if there are any available places. We strongly recommend contacting the school before starting your application to see that there are available places in your year group and programme.

Please note that qualified applicants from our Secondary school are guaranteed a place in year 1, provided the application is handed in on time. Secondly, that qualified applicants moving to London with their families are prioritised, accordingly to the Swedish school in London’s statutes.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help with your application.

Deadlines and important dates to remember

4 December 2023First day to apply in the main application period
18 February 2024Last day to apply in the main application period (deadline)
From 19 February and onwardsApplication period 2 commences, ongoing applications are accepted and admitted if there is an available place
15 March 2024Admission letters are sent to applicants who handed in their applicants by 10 February
7 April 2024Last day to reply for students who have been offered a place in Sixth Form
12 May 2024Last day to send in the signed contract for admitted students. CAS-number will be assigned to you by the school as the school receives the signed contract
19 June 2024Last day to submit the Visa application via the Home Office in the UK
2 July 2024Last day to send us the decision from your home municipality regarding the school grant
Mid-JulyPlacement letters and additional information are sent by email to students who have applied for a host family
Mid-AugustInformation letter from the school with information about the first week of school etc.

Before you start your application

Book an appointment with the Career Advisor at your school in Sweden

We strongly advise that your first course of action is to book an appointment with the Career Advisor at your school in Sweden. During the meeting, you should compare your individual course plan (for applicant to year 2 and 3) with the set plan for your programme at the Swedish school in London. You will find these plans through the links below.

Are there any courses that differs for the year you are applying to? If that’s the case, please make a note of that in your application in the section for “Elective courses”.

You can also contact us beforehand, asking what kind of solutions we may be able to offer you. In some cases, it is possible for us to enable you to take courses that normally isn’t included in our plan for a specific year group and programme. Examples of these kind of courses are History 1b and General Science 1b which are included in our selection of elective courses for increased flexibility.

Preparations before you start your application

Please print and complete the required forms found below. Once this is done, they must be attached to your application as PDF-documents in our online application system.

The application - step by step

Below, you are informed about the different steps of the application to Sixth Form. Please make sure to carefully take part of and follow these instructions before your start on your application in the online application system.

Step 1: Contact information to applicant

You will need to provide your Swedish social security number, or date of birth, as well as your contact information. In addition to this, we also ask you to fill in the contact information for both of your guardians. Please ensure that you enclose the correct billing address for the school fees, as well as if you already have, or plan to apply for the school grant from your municipality.

Step 2: Present school

Please provide us with the contact information of the Head Teacher and Career Advisor at your current school.

Step 3: Programme and year

Please state what programme and year you are applying to.

Step 4: Cover letter

An important part of your application is the cover letter (no more than 3500 characters). We kindly ask that you include the following information:

  1. Briefly present yourself and what motivates you to want to study at SSL.
  2. The challenges you may face during your time at SSL.
  3. Your aims and expectation on your time at SSL.
  4. Any other information that you think will be relevant for your application.

Step 5: Elective courses

In Sixth Form, you can chose between a wide variety of elective courses, please talk to your Career Advisor about which and how many courses you should take during your time at the Swedish School in London. For more information about our available courses, please read here.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Step 6: Native language and special needs

In order for us to be able to help you with any special needs, we need to know of any challenges you encounter from the very beginning. Therefore, you need to inform us of any adaptations that you need. If you already have an action plan and/or report we ask you to please upload it to your application.

Also, please state if Swedish is not your native language.

Step 7: Health declaration

According to British legislation, we need to ensure that all students are safe at school. Therefore, it is paramount for us to know of any health issues and/or medication that you have been prescribed. We also ask you to include the contact information of the School Nurse at your current school in case we need to contact them regarding your medical record.

The Health Declaration also asks that you state any allergies and/or special dietary needs that you might have.

Step 8: Accomodation in a host family

Please state if your require accommodation in one of our host families. If yes, then we ask you to answer the following questions about yourself and your preferences.

Please be as specific as possible in order to increase the chances of matching you with a suitable host family. For example, do you prefer to live in a family with children or not? Please list your preferences with the most important aspects first.

Although we always try to meet your wishes, we cannot guarantee that this will definately  be the case. Nevertheless, we do always try our very best to find the most suitable accommodation for you based on your needs and the information you provided.

Step 9: Attachments

Please attach the following documents in a PDF-format:

  • Signed grade transcript from year 9 (or equivalent)
  • Passport photo in JPEG- or PDF-format for the school’s ID-card
  • A reference from your current school using the provided template
  • Applicants to year 2 and 3 from schools in Sweden: individual course plan from your current school that is controlled by the Career Advisor or Head Teacher
  • Receipt on payment of the registration fee of £200.
  • Signed consent form ”Consent for personal data”.
  • For applicants in need of a host family: the signed consent form ”Bekräftelse av hemkomsttider och ordningsregler”.

Step 10: Read through and register your application

Before registering your application, we highly recommend that you carefully read through your application and make sure all relevant information is correct before clicking on the “send” button. Once this is done, you are no longer able to revise your application.