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Rounded and grounded education

Gain insights into British history and culture, star in school plays, learn to cook!

A vibrant year at SSL

An academic year at the Swedish School involves more than just classroom study. Our colourful calendar of events ensures that students at every level have ample opportunities for making memories, challenging themselves, experiencing new environments and testing their knowledge.

London as a classroom

Our location in London enables us to enrich, expand and illuminate all different areas of curricula at every level. London offers a wide range of public parks, museums, theatres and architecture within an easy distance.

We take regular field trips to places like the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the Tate Modern, the Royal College of Art and the Houses of Parliament, to name but a few. As a source of inspiration, London is never fully discovered.

School staff

The majority of our staff is originally from Sweden and have experience in the Swedish school system. Our non Swedish staff include teachers of English and other foreign languages, as well as extracurricular classes like sport and music.

Swedish curriculum

Our school is supervised by the Swedish National Agency for Education, and the content for each class is structured according to the targets and benchmarks of Sweden’s national curriculum.

Read more at Skolverket
A safe environment

From taking daily registers to checking visitors our security on site is paramount in maintaining a safe home away from home for all our students.

School plays and events

We have a number of events throughout the year, from theatre performances to field days to holiday celebrations like the Lucia Christmas procession.

These are opportunities for the whole school to come together – parents included! Most events feature a mixture of pupils from different levels, so older and younger pupils can get to know each other and learn to collaborate.

Stay up to date

To stay updated on upcoming events, check the newsfeed on our website. We also regularly post updates on our Facebook page.

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Tour the school

To arrange a tour of the school, send an email to

Parent involvement

Parents are encouraged to participate in creating a meaningful and joyful school experience for pupils at all levels. Joining our parents’ association, called Friends of the Swedish School, opens up multiple opportunities to get involved. In addition, we have a small Parents’ Council that meets with our headmistress every 5-6 weeks.






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