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Statement of Hosting Principles and Practice

Living in a host family

The general structure of pastoral care at the Swedish School in London

At the Swedish School in London, we have a long tradition of accepting and hosting Swedish guest students in host families. We believe that living in a host family greatly contributes to the students’ experience of being in London. By living in and interacting with a local family the students learn about British values, traditions and customs. They get to experience British culture from the perspective of a local, rather than a tourist. 

Furthermore, the students greatly improve their proficiency and fluency in the English language, a benefit to their studies, personal and often future professional life. Living in host families, students learn to adapt and deal with different situations. They return to Sweden more mature, with stronger self-confidence and self-knowledge.

All guest students at the Swedish School in London are hosted in safe, suburban areas in South West and West London, within a commutable distance by public transport to and from school. 

Students should be treated as a family member and are cared for by their host parents, who become their stand-in parents during their time in London. The ethos of the school’s host family programme is one of inclusion and ample support to both students, parents and host families. Specialist hosting staff are at hand to help as necessary with the daily challenges both students and host families might face.


Admissions into the host family scheme

As part of the student’s application to the Swedish School in London, the student can also apply for a placement with a host family through the school, providing he/she is 16 years or above at the time of arrival to London. 

The school has an extensive application process for placing students in host families which is based on both students’ and host families’ needs, interests and wishes. All host families go through a thorough process before being accepted into the school’s host family programme. They are then inspected on an annual basis, as well as being evaluated by the students. The host families are given the opportunity to communicate with the hosting staff regarding any concerns throughout the year.

In order to be included in the host family scheme at the Swedish School in London, we expect all parties to adhere to the contract and our school policies.


Students are provided with breakfast, dinner and a snack each day by their host families. Some families host two students, however each student is guaranteed their own private room. 

Welfare support is provided through specialist hosting staff, the School Counsellor, School Nurse, mentors and management. Hosting at the Swedish School in London  is overseen by the Host Family Coordinator supported by School Management.