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School fees and application

Read more about what a school year costs and how to apply.

Who can apply?

The Swedish School in London admits students with a basic knowledge of the Swedish language, as the majority of our teaching is in Swedish. At our Primary and Secondary school we admit students throughout the year from both international and Swedish schools.

Admission is on an individual basis and subject to available places. The Head Teacher reviews all applications to evaluate whether the school can provide the appropriate education and support for each individual student.

See below for more information on the application process, fees, other financial information.

Financial information

The Swedish School in London is a private, not-for-profit school, registered as a charity in England and Wales, providing first-rate Swedish education from Pre-school straight through to Sixth Form. Our costs for staff, facilities and the daily operation are mainly covered by school fees.

Each year, the Board of Governors will decide on the school fees. However, this can be subject to change depending on whether our costs have been altered. Information about this is continuously updated on the website, although we recommend that you contact us to be sure.

A registration fee of £200 is required as part of your application. The fee is a one-time administrative cost and will not be refunded. Instructions on how to pay the registration are available upon request, please email for more information.

School fees for 2024/2025

A place at Primary and Secondary school during the school year 2024/2025 costs £13,600:

  • Autumn term: £6,050
  • Spring Term: £7,550

Families with three or more children at school receive a 30% discount from the third child.

The school fee is invoiced twice during June/July for payment by the start of the Autumn term and during November/December for payment by the Spring term. Pupils commencing after 30 October or after 31 March pays half the term fee.

The school fee covers the following:

  • Teaching according to the school’s curriculum and class schedule
  • Use of the school’s teaching materials as well as the use of writing and writing materials
  • One school trip per academic year for ages 8-16
  • One theatre performance per academic year
  • For ages 6-16, one afternoon school activity per week, excluding activities offered by external providers
  • School health care for ages 6-16
  • School’s student insurance

The school fee does not cover the following:

  • Additional teaching or special needs education
  • School trips and other external activities beyond what is included above
  • Damage caused by the student to the school and school materials not covered by the school’s insurance
  • Damage to or loss of student belongings or clothes

Leaving the school

Requests to leave the school must be submitted in writing to the school office, by email to or registered mail addressed to the school. In order to plan the school’s activities and maintain good quality, the following terms and conditions applies:

Autumn term
Notification date  Fee to pay 
Before 31.3 No fee
1.4-10.6 25% of the autumn term fee
11.6-20.8 50% of the autumn term fee
After 20.8 100% of the autumn term fee


Spring term fee
Notification date  Fee to pay
Before 31.10 No fee
31.10-15.12 25% of the spring term fee
16.12-7.1 50% of the spring term fee
After 7.1 100% of the spring term fee


Families who do not pay their fees according to the above may risk being dismissed from school. The school applies a default interest (discount + 8%) on the accrued amount. Should the school be forced to recover overdue school fees or other legal processes in order to secure its claims, the guardians are charged in full for the costs.