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Life on Richmond hill

Situated on the south bank of the River Thames, our campus in Richmond serves as a second home to Sixth Form students.

About the neighbourhood

The borough of Richmond originally began to be built up in the 15th century, loved by monarchs for its nature and proximity to central London. Even as the city has grown up around it, Richmond has retained its idyllic charm and handsome rows of royal buildings. Today students can enjoy Richmond’s numerous parks and green spaces, in addition to its assortment of restaurants, cafés and shops.

Richmond is served by the District Line, with Richmond Station a 20-minute walk from our campus.

Classrooms and campus

Our Sixth Form occupies five classrooms in a neo-Gothic Manor House on the crest of Richmond hill. Students have full access to modern science and computer labs, recreation areas and libraries.

We share this campus with the American University in London, which is attended not only by Americans but by students from 120 countries around the world. This provides ample opportunity to meet new friends, make connections and participate in the school’s thriving international spirit.

The main building is surrounded by lawns and sports courts and is located a few metres from Europe’s largest urban park—the vast preserved woodland of Richmond Park, home to ancient oak trees and even wild deer.